New Starter Sales training
Senior Sales Executive refreshers
Sales Management Consultancy
Aftersales front counter training

Finance training
Bespoke Training courses
Full Mystery shopping service
Analysis,reports and weekly feedback

Auto Sales Academy Ltd provides sales training developed with over twenty years of working with small and large dealer groups.

Our passion is to develop all dealership staff from our unique new starters training, aftersales front counter to management consultancy, helping and supporting all individuals perform to the highest of level.

Our mission is provide excellent training and support to every level within the ever evolving automotive industry.

Well trained employees are an integral part of any successful business, and we believe our training will develop and improve profits for your ongoing business.

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Online Training

From start, middle, end, and after the sale, our training offers every step you will encounter and assist you in making the best use of your time in the dealership maximising your earnings

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Recruitment - new to the industry training

ASA believe we have a huge shortage of sales executives in the automotive industry, the reasons are many fold however we believe it’s a lack of training for new staff

We are looking for individuals who want to learn how to sell and want to work in the car industry.
No experience is needed we will train you and help find you a job.

Dealers have not got the time to spend training new candidates to the industry. So they continue to recruit the same sales executives with no innovation nor entrepreneurial ideas to help the business.

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Sales Training

ASA specialise in sales training after an initial consultation. ASA will design a training programme for your business

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