People buy from People


People buy from People!

It is a cliché to say people buy from people, but it’s true.   We often talk about our people being our biggest asset, if this is the case, why is it so often you can’t find the same sales staff in the dealership after one year, in some dealers after one month! The link between Staff and Consumer retention is undeniable.  I am not suggesting we should keep staff that are not performing.  More to the point we should eliminate poor performance by recruiting the right people in the first place; this is good for the Customer, the Dealership and ultimately Dealer costs and profits.

Given we will never eliminate this entirely. One opportunity is to try to sustain and amplify that personal contact over time in a cost effective manner. Combining channels (E-Mail, SMS, Webchat, and Telephone with face to face contact) can make that more cost effective at the same time as feeling more relevant and personal.