Squeezing the pips

New car sales growing month on month with its 35th consecutive month rise, the start to the year registrations grew 6.7% in January to 164,856 units.

The rise in new car sales is impressive, however has this also resulted in the rise in your sales ratios and volumes sold per sales executives?

Dealers still work on an average sales executive selling 150 units combined a year. Let’s take a look at what this would look like if we applied this growth percentage to sales executives, this would add 10 more a year this number seems low and many dealership managers will see this as just a natural increase and we agree.



What do we expect as motor dealers? What do we expect to get from our sales teams today?

Most dealers will have 3-4 sales executives in the team depending on site size and manufacturer represented.

Measurement of sales from enquiry is the tried and tested means with 40% conversion to sale being considered acceptable, are we actually saying we are accepting 60% will not buy from you?

Should we be re writing the Key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Showroom visits are down to 1.3 visits, telephone calls and emails sent by customers are more a measure of the dealer’s responsiveness rather than a fact find of the vehicle of choice.

How much has been spent on marketing this month or any month recently? Are you squeezing the pips out of the enquiry?


Appointments made from Enquiry

How many appointments are you making per day? Sales teams sell better face to face so make it simple and have a busy day with a minimum of 2 appointments per day.

Turn up rate

How many of your appointments actually showed?

Test drives

How many appointments test drove the car? Now ‘Bums in seats sell cars’ a very true statement, take some time to actually consider, that you are creating a desire of your product.

Sales from test drives

Sales from the test drives measurement – you created the want now you want to close the deal!

Previously mentioned the natural increase to a sales executive is 10 sales per year at the industry growth rate of 6.7% the number that would make me pay attention, would be an increase of 25 sales per year 17% increase.

Manufacturers spends millions on creating the desire the wants, needs, some get 10% of the market and some get less than 1% either way are you getting out of your opportunity.

Can you deliver more? Do you want to deliver more? There are 8 hours in a day are we maximising our day with appointments and test drives and deals that make us more money.


Don’t just accept the natural growth push through the growth and be the exceptional.


Information supplied by SMMT