Hunter or farmer

Who are you the Hunter or the farmer?


How many customers have you seen this week that have not bought from you?

On an average week ASA predict 4-5 customers would have been seen, contact made and not closed the sale. Why?

An average profit earning of £1100 and an income per retail sale of £300 per unit would give £7000 of lost gross profit in a single week! Shockingly this would result in £364,000 per year per executive. I’m sure you’re now saying it’s not lost because we will sell the car next week or the week later and your right.


Imagine you could sell to all or 80% of these ‘’be back’’ customers in the same week, your income and the dealerships income would significantly increase. Urgency has always been a hot topic in our training provided online, and creating the urgency in everything a sales executive completes will produce greater results.

If you could bring forward the ‘’be backs’’ this will allow more opportunity to sell more cars in the following weeks.

We are not talking about ‘asking for the business’ more or ‘don’t let them walk’ process, we ask you to be unreasonable and ask this simple question….

‘’I’m embarrassed to have to ask you, but why have you not bought from me?’’

This simple question has shown great results in sales. ASA found the only problem faced when we put this up on a white board is the draw dropping and the fear going across the faces of the sales teams.

Sales is all about confidence and this confidence in the ability to ask this probing question to your prospect, will give you the answer you need to close a deal, or even find out if you have missed something along the sales process.

We may be controversial and we may put you in an uncomfortable position, but we are not being rude or impolite, we are just asking why?

We recently tried this and at first it was difficult for the sales executive to bring themselves to say the question, however the instant they did, the response was positive from the customer, allowing the sales team to close the deal quicker.

Unfortunately we are all becoming time poor so speeding up our sales skills to close more efficiently will allow more sales to be achieved.


Numerous times we tell a small story of the farmer and the hunter. The farmer goes out to hunt and walks past the farmer who is sowing seeds in his fields, the hunter has a successful day and returns with a single prize.

The following day he goes out again and returns with nothing. Some days he comes back with food and others not. While this is happening the farmer is sowing and perfecting his field until the day of harvest. The farmer produces 50 times the amount of the hunter in fact the hunter would struggle to even come close to the farmer’s results. Why?

The hunter just goes for singles the farmer looks at the bigger prize by continuing to cultivate and propagate the land he works.


Who are you the Hunter or the farmer?


We are often asked how do I sell more than my colleagues or how do I become best in the company and we always say. Be different and ask unreasonable questions to the customer that will result in more sales. Just like the farmer cultivate your sales skills and sell more in the same amount of time you attend.