Sales learning from Aftersales productivity

We are often asked how do I sell more than my colleagues or how do I become best in the company and we always say. Be different and ask unreasonable questions to the customer that will result in more sales.

Sell more in the same amount of time you attend. Our colleagues in the service department measure the overall efficiency the productivity and the utilisation of the technicians.

We can we learn from this?


Overall efficiency is the measurement of attended versus sold hours

Productivity is the measurement of sold hours versus worked hours

Utilisation is the measurement of hours worked versus attended


Sales we have many conversions all of which serve a purpose. ASA want to look at the productivity equation

Sales productivity Sold cars versus hours worked by increasing our sales by the hours we attend or work per day.

ASA averages

Sales executive sell 165 cars per year

Attend 48 hours a week

30 days holiday including Bank Holidays


165 cars / 2304 hours = 0.07 cars per hour

This equates to 3 cars a week however, lets aim high and go for 6 cars a week we would need to sell 0.14 cars an hour is this even possible?

ASA believe that it doesn’t really matter what the maths is it the thought process that is important.

Sales executives attend 48 hours a week and sell 3 cars on average a week by increasing your productivity every hour just like service. Sales need to prospect more per hour talk to more customer per hour and generally be talking and making more opportunities arise in conversations taking place.


You see the technician gets paid higher for producing quicker results that can be sold for the same book time i.e 1 hour job completed in 15mins allows 45 mins to be fixing something else or 45mins time saved.

Sales executive that has more prospects and more opportunities has more chance to close more sales.


Make the most of your hours attended if you waste time, your only wasting your own opportunity to sell more.