Telephone preparation

Telephone preparation

The objective is to provide Sales Executives with the skills to gain more appointments by converting more incoming telephone enquiries into sales.

This will increase their understanding of each customer’s requirements. In obtaining this greater understanding they will do as much as they can for the customer. They will ensure that the service provided is relevant to their needs and matches or exceed their requirements and NOT try to sell the car over the phone.

Encouraging the use of techniques such as enhancing ‘people’ skills, will work to the benefit and not the detriment of the customer.

The result will be more visits, increased sales volumes, greater customer satisfaction.

Key training points

The opportunity.
The competition and industry standards.
Handling the phone-In.
Some common mistakes to avoid.
Features, Advantages and Benefits.
Choosing a car – a customer’s perspective
A planned approach – a route to follow
Using the Telephone Customer Enquiry form
Practice exercises.

BENEFITS: What will improve my Phone-In skills do for me?

Result in more customers visiting the showroom.
Put you in control of the sales process.
Improve your status in the eyes of the customer.
Increase job satisfaction.
Lead to additional sales.
Increase earnings.
Enhance personal development.
Lead to higher self-esteem.