New Starter training

Our new starter programme for sales has been designed for individuals new to the industry. The intensive training is 10 days over a 3 month period to suit the needs of the customer. This course covers the basic sales process: Meet and Greet qualification with needs and requirements Enquiry Form Static…

Senior Sales Executive training & coaching

This programme has been designed for Senior Sales Executives that may require refresher in some of the practices they may have forgotten. This includes coaching to sharpen the sales tools. Static Demonstration 5 step walk around: Static Demonstration Qualification probing questions Physical Demonstration Test drive routes Questioning referring to needs…

Prospecting & Follow up training

This course assists Sales Executives to make effective follow up calls and prospecting calls using tried and tested techniques.   Follow up calls Sales Check-list Prospecting & Following up leads Preparation for prospecting Types of Prospecting Telephone Cold Calling and to existing lapsed leads, E-mails to cold and existing leads…

Customer relationship training

The generally accepted purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to enable organisations to better serve their customers. This is through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures interacting with the customers. The ASA programme works with current customer satisfaction scores at your dealership and integrates best practices to ensure…

Financial awareness training

Finance is becoming an increasingly important part of the role of Business Manager. With every business decision there is an element of finance involved. Finance departments are realising in order to be successful, it is crucial that managers have a good understanding of finance and some of the key techniques…

On-line training manual

On-line training manual provides 24/7 information and advice for any sales executive or aftersales front counter staff. The on-line manual has a monthly subscription. Register for on-line manual

Management consultancy & development programmes

ASA offer a programme to assist your sales manager with their job in hand. This course covers : Sales Meetings Team motivation and inspiration days Event and marketing planning Recruitment process Performance management training Process and Course prices

Mystery Shopping services

ASA will conduct a mystery shopping service and complete a full report with results and make recommendations. Our mystery shopping service include: Physical Telephone E-mail Social media Texting Process and Course prices

Bespoke Consultancy & Troubleshooting

We will conduct a full day consultation where ASA will draw up a programme to suit your business needs. This is to be agreed with you and rolled out over an agreed time frame. Process and Course prices

Stock planning and management support

A full day with the sales manager working out plans and strategies to assist in the future planning of new and used car stock controls. Process and Course prices

Sales Event support

We provide support and assistance with your planned sales event. ASA have attended many events over the years and we work on staff motivation and morale to make the very best of your event. Process and Course prices